Look Good in the Dark

Merchandise of Artist and Photographer Erik LaMarca available directly to you .

  • Statement

    I work primarily in both photography and abstract digital art. The photos I capture provide a palate for manipulation as if painting on a canvas. My work is more a painterly endeavor than pure photography. I utilize depth, angle and light during the initial shots in order to maintain an abstract vision with less manipulation. The final images are created by putting the photos into motion, freezing frames, symmetrical imaging and glitch processes. In addition, I work in portraiture, still life, street and landscape photography.

  • Fine Art

    This shop is for access to my work in a fun and affordable way. Look good and live with Art as a part of your own personal brand. It is my belief that our bodies are our own form of expression.
    For access to my Fine Art Prints and NFT's visit my store with the link below. Each month I feature an array of images for sale including limited editions and collections!
    You also have the option of having my work created for you on the finest papers and inks the world has to offer for many of my pieces not listed. I also do commissions!

  • About

    Erik LaMarca is an Abstract Artist and Photographer living in Queens NY and is constantly creating. He has a deep appreciation for Dark Art due to it continually finds it's way into Erik's work.
    Darkness does not need to be void of beauty, in fact it can be rich with pleasure.

Thank you!

The Artist Erik LaMarca - NYC

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